Registered Charity Number 1169497


Pastoral Service

Is it possible to be a Christian and gay, lesbian or bisexual? Can you be open about this within a church without being judged? Does the Bible say anything about transgender people? How do religions such as Islam and Judaism view sexual and gender diversity? These are just some of the questions that are of relevant concern for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith, (LGBTIs) and their environment. With all these questions, you can contact the working group Faith and Religion. Our mission is to improve the position of African LGBTI believers in the UK. We focus mainly on Christians, but we can also involve Muslims in their search for relevant organisations.

Now and again we organise absorbing Talks. For example, we previously held lectures on Homosexuality in Islam, Homosexuality in the Bible, Sexual Diversity, and Homosexuality and the Bible. We also host workshops on HIV awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Education, Employment, and Asylum and Refugee Legal Support. Check our Agenda/Event List.