Aims & Objectives

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In order to make sure that same sex relationships are granted human rights protection, the OPDG strives to;

  • To lobby government legislators to facilitate promotion of gay rights;
  • To achieve equality for All LGBTI people in Africa
  • To create an environment in which LGBT people can come out and live freely any fear of persecution;
  • To integrate those who have fled from persecution
  • To offer support to those struggling with their sexuality and gender identity in Africa
  • To change the attitudes and perception of the masses towards LGBTI people in Africa.
  • To help people to navigate the stress and complexity of the asylum process
  • To create the environment which allows LGBTI members to interact with local LGBT communiti
  • To provide counselling and guidance services by inviting barristers/solicitors and other experienced professionals to speak to and answer questions from LGBTI asylum seekers;
  • To help LGBTI asylum seekers to access social services like education, housing and health care