Key Info

Key Information

Our mission is to support people who have survived persecution and human rights abuses to rebuild their lives in exile, through integrated programmes and casework assistance.


We assist, and we advocate. In the longer term, we provide a much-needed voice for the voiceless and work towards creating a world where Human Rights are respected, making homophobia/ biphobia/ transphobia things of the past. Our core aims are as follows:

• To assist people in dealing with physical challenges, navigating the asylum process and integration into the UK.
• To raise awareness of the needs of refugees and asylum seekers who have survived persecution and human rights abuses.
• To create an environment in which LGBTI people can “come out” as who and what they are, and live freely without any fear of persecution.
• To help integrate those who have fled from persecution
• To provide counselling and guidance services by inviting barristers/solicitors and other experienced professionals to speak to and answer questions from LGBTI asylum seekers.


To generate an environment in which the freedom, rights and equality of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender and Intersex people are guaranteed and where this no form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


To ensure the preservation of human dignity, freedom and justice, and the promotion of equality for the LGBTI persons in Africa.

Core Values

· Commitment
· Transparency
· Mentoring
· Teamwork
· Accountability
· Celebration of Diversity