Make a Referal

Make a referral

If you would like to refer someone to OPAL, someone who you consider would benefit from our services, please email us at for a referral form and return it to the same email. Please do not post your referral as the office is presently closed due to the coronavirus crisis. For further information, please call us on 07537968156.


Refer yourself

If you are a refugee or an asylum seeker in need of LGBTI Social Space and would like to join OPAL, then please email us at for referral form and email it back.

Download a referral consent 

Download a referral form

Due to the coronavirus crisis, there are no assessments taking place. However, we continue to accept referrals and will certainly be in contact with those referred and the referrer with updates on all our services.

Rules of contact at the OPAL

OPAL offers a safe space for LGBTIQ asylum seekers, refugees, visitors, participants, and volunteers. This includes a respectful, collegial, honest relationship with each other that is aimed at positive, responsible cooperation. That is why we invite everyone to adopt the following rules:

1. I accept and respect everyone and do not discriminate against anyone. Everyone counts within the Association.
2. I don’t make any assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
3. I take into account the boundaries set by the other person.
4. I don’t bother the others.
5. I don’t harm others.
6. I don’t curse or make mean jokes or comments about others.
7. I treat information from others confidentially.
8. I don’t participate in bullying, mockery nor gossiping.
9. I don’t fight, use violence, nor threaten others.
10. I don’t intrude on another’s boundaries inappropriately, and I don’t touch others physically against their will.
11. I do not impose on others with unwanted sexual attention.
12. I don’t ask inappropriate questions or make unwanted comments about someone’s personal life or appearance.
13. I indicate my limits and politely address those uninvited cross my boundaries.
14. I help others to keep to these agreements and politely address those who fail to comply.
15. I do not, in any way, abuse my position of power.

Confidential advisers

Would you like a confidential conversation regarding the above? You can contact us at