Leonelle Ngaha

Member stories: Leonelle Ngaha

I fled my country Cameron because of my sexuality. I am a lesbian. OPAL has helped me gain more confidence and self-esteem. My mental health has improved through the group, and so has my social life. I can openly talk about my sexuality. OPAL means family and a group of friends I can rely on whenever I may be in trouble. We learn from one another, socialise and have fun together regardless. Being a member of OPAL is being part of a supportive community. It’s in a safe space and a non-judgemental environment.
Lastly, OPAL has helped me to get my refugee status, and my next step is to push my dream of becoming a nurse. If it was not for OPAL, I might not have been here. For that, I commend their work towards the African LGBTI community in the UK. Leonelle Ngaha (Cameroon)