Bishop Obinim was denied UK Visa by High Commissioner, He asks Obinim to turn into a bird and fly there.

According to ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM through screwlife reporters confirmed that, Bishop Daniel Obinim had a rough day at the British High Commission in Accra.
The man of God who is to hold a 7-day revival, anointing and prayer convention in North London in UK was denied a VISA and he was offensively upset.
Our sources at the High Commission say, Bishop Obinim was called for an interview and for special interest reasons, the interview was conducted by the High Commissioner himself-Jon Benjamin, an atheist.
Even though Bishop Obinim had all his documents intact and had even sprayed his application with anointing oil, the High Commissioner refused him his requested UK Visa
“It is a waste of British government’s time to assess an application from Bishop Obinim who can easily turn into a bird and fly into the UK”.
He continued; “We currently have a backlog of applications we are struggling to deal with and therefore since you have the unique capability to make it to UK without a visa, I grant you the permission to use that rather and spare us some needed time to work on the application of those who do not have such special powers.”
Apparently, Bishop Obinim intends to appeal against the decision on the grounds that UK is too far for him to fly there as a bird and again, it’s too cold in the skies during this time of the season for any bird to fly for long.