Fellow pastors hide Pastor Sempa from USA court

Pastor Martin Sempa, the senior minister of Makerere Community Church has, after months of hiding been notified once again, that the subpoena he was issued with last year still stands.
We broke a story of how he was hiding earlier last year and everyone thought by now, the court that summoned him would have gotten a grip of him. It turns out however, that he is still in hiding. And through a Ugandan based law firm called Onyango and Company Advocates, the United District Court for the District of Massachusetts ran an advert in last Wednesday’s New Vision reminding him of his subpoena.
“As a United States Citizen, you are hereby notified that you have been subpoenaed to testify at a deposition in the civil action brought by sexual Minorities Uganda against Scott Lively in the United States district of Massachusetts Civil Action No. 3-12-CV-30051, “the notification advert read in part.
This comes at a time when a rumor is circulating that there are a number of pastors that subscribe to the radical preaching that thrust him in the current predicaments.
“He is hidden in a prominent pastor’s home. That pastor has many homes around the country, and the one where he is being hidden is totally unknown by the community,” said a source in the Pastor’s circles.
Source: Kampala Sun