London's gay village to stop in tribute to Orlando Pulse victims London stands with Orlando

London’s LGBTI community will join hands in a tribute for the victims of the Orlando shooting tomorrow (Monday 13 June).
At least 50 people were killed and 53 injured in the shooting in the early hours of Sunday morning in gay nightclub Pulse.
Venues along London’s Old Compton Street, at the heart of London’s gay village, will stop serving at 7pm Monday and people will be invited out on to the street to join hands.
The spontaneous event is being coordinated by LGBTI scene venues and community organizers to send a message of solidarity to the LGBTI community and the people of Orlando.
All are welcome to attend. Please arrive early as large crowds are expected.
Volunteers to steward the event are wanted at 6pm. The Facebook event page will be updated with details.