Members of the African diaspora LGBTI rights organization Out and Proud Diamond Group took part in Birmingham

The diaspora African LGBTI activists of Out and Proud Diamond Group appealed for justice and LGBTI rights in their home countries as they took part in the Pride celebration in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on May 28-29. The organization issued this press release (modestly edited here).
It was a marriage proposal rather than a starting pistol which launched Birmingham Pride 2016 over the bank holiday weekend.
And the biggest parade in the event’s 20-year history got underway when Thomas Jones asked David Fox to marry him. Thankfully, David said “yes.”
This beautiful and inspiring marriage proposal was witnessed by over 70 members of the African LGBTI organisation Out and Proud Diamond Group and other people.
Miss Yudaya Serubula, a Ugandan lesbian living in United Kingdom, said,
“Wow, this marriage proposal symbolizes the love that people in Birmingham have shown to this pride in the last 20 years, I only wish to see this happening in Uganda and other countries which still criminalize homosexuality.”
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