Uganda can not afford to buy its 'gay detector' machine

Uganda’s Minister of Ethics was concerned gay people wanted to rape him.
Uganda can no longer afford to make its ‘gay detector’ machine.
The notorious homophobic Minister of Ethics Simon Lokodo went on a bizarre rant a few weeks ago on the government’s plans to deal with homosexuality.
He claimed the government was going to buy a ‘gadget’, a ‘gay-detecting machine’, that was being developed by South Korea.
‘We are going to procure this machine and it will detect homos and porn actors especially those misusing applications like WhatsApp with sex acts,’ he told Red Pepper.
‘The South Koreans are programming it. And very soon we will ship it into the country and all the evil will be busted.’
Lokodo said the government was willing buy the 2.6 billion Ugandan shillings ($771,000, €690,000) machine because ‘it is worth it’.
But it turns out that is a lot of money for a country which only has a GDP per person is only $648.
The Minister of Ethics now says the ministry will not be purchasing ‘gay detector’ as there is no money to buy the machine.
In the same interview, Lokodo claimed gay people want to rape him and that he knew of a school principal storing his pupils’ semen in test tubes.
He also alleged Ugandan children are being offered to make them gay, with the ‘west’ providing the fund.
Lokodo has previously screened hardcore gay and fetish pornography in his church services.
Frank Mugisha, director at Sexual Minorities Uganda and the country’s most famous gay activist, told GSN: ‘Lokodo is delusional and a miss-guided bigot.
‘As a government official he is spreading hate messages. Unfortunately many Ugandans believe him. These kind of statements from politicians create so much violence towards the LGBTI community.’