Uganda: Sheikh Muzaata declares “war” against gay leaning MPs

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, a Muslim cleric has vowed to “fight” all Ugandan legislators who will vote against the anti-gay bill that might be reintroduced in parliament in the incoming parliament.
While addressing prayers at Kalutinsi Mosque in Kampala, Muzaata warned that pro- gay legislators would face it “rough” if they support homosexuality.
“We shall make those legislators who support homosexuality to do it in front of everyone to prove that what they are doing is right,” he said.
Most Ugandans have come out to support the anti-law before it was annulled by the High Court in 2014 on grounds that the bill in parliament before President signed it into law, was passed without quorum.
Sheikh Muzaata further called upon all those against homosexuality to come out in full force to fight it. “Those pro homosexuality legislators need to be punished,” Muzaata noted without mentioning which legislators are pro-gays.
The Muslim cleric further called on religious leaders to stop interfering in politics. He argued that although Besigye’s arrest is unlawful, religious leaders shouldn’t interfere “that much”. “We were told not to interfere with political issues and indeed we should leave them to politicians.” He said
Sheikh Muzaata is a contraversial cleric whose past remarks have raffled feathers with politicians and traditional leaders especially the Katikkiro of Buganda, Peter Mayega, whom he has accused of using his position as Katikkiro to do private business.
Source: Eagle Online