Ugandan rapper who wanted 'all gays murdered' says he has now evolved on human rights

If it can happen in Uganda, it can happen anywhere.

‘Shoot all the battymen’ one lyric goes. ‘Burn all the gays’ is another.
These were the words of Ugandan rapper Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, who has appeared to have now evolved his views on LGBTI people.
The reality star, who has performed all over the world, has spread a message to his fans to ‘replace violence with tolerance’.
In 2014, Wine was banned from coming to the UK over his homophobic lyrics and his support of the original Anti-Homosexuality Bill that called for the death of LGBTI people. Shortly after this, he was beset by malaria.
‘In my life, I have disagreed with many people over many issues. Our opinions have differed on religion, sexual preferences, politics and a wide range of ideologies,’ Wine posted on Facebook.
‘There are reasons why we differ in thinking ranging from the way we are brought up, our geographical locations, social classification and the general mindset of societies where we live. That however doesn’t mean that an individual is superior or inferior to the other just because they differ in opinions about the above.
Wine added: ‘My key message this year is, ‘Ayawuka kundowoza yo tekimufula mulabe wo’ (difference in opinion doesn’t make us enemies).
‘Let us approach every issue with respect for one another, let us replace violence with tolerance. Yes! TOLERANCE. Let us tolerate each other no matter how far distant our opinions might differ. I believe that if we all subscribed to only one opinion, we would be damned fools.’
Edwin Sesange, the director of the African LGBTI Out & Proud Diamond Group, told Gay Star News: ‘We’ve been in discussions with him. We welcome it, we would always prefer a message of tolerance than a message of hatred and calling for the murder of gay people.
‘It’s a step in the right direction and we hope people now copy him. If Bobi Wine can preach tolerance, after his message of hate, then it means that the work we do to change people’s  people’s attitudes change is happening.
Source: GayStar News