Our Programme

Our Programme

Below is a brief outline of OPAL’s holistic Programme for its members. All of these aspects of our work take place in the context of our social, educational and mental health community. Creating a strong and reliable social set up lies at the very heart of our mentoring approach.

Our initial contact with an individual is an opportunity for a prospective member to talk at length regarding significant issues relating to their sexuality and living conditions in a new country. It is a chance for us to assess generate a more accurate needs analysis for each individual, thereby determine the best kind of action plan to address these
and determine whether or not OPAL is the appropriate place for them to attend.

We offer a thoroughly safe space, with the aim for new and existing members to feel completely at ease and for new friendships at their own pace. We also organise workshops and invite professionals in the fields of Mental Health, HIV, Education, Employment, Housing, and Legal matters to facilitate members with workshops which can address any question members may have.

We allocate each member a caseworker who then works closely with a range of contacts to assist in resolving members’ practical issues – issues which range through from obtaining food, money, legal aid, and housing advice. The casework team also supports members in the development of their full potential, thereby prepare for employment, education and training.

Our weekly social groups and workshops are the cornerstone of our Programme. We run two programmes every Saturday. The first one is a Workshop held at 56 Dean Street London and then later in the afternoon members go for a Social and get together at GAY Pub Soho.

In Summer we organise beach parties, house parties, and boat cruise parties. We arrange these events to help members appreciate and feel that they are not alone and to feel at ease as LGBTI people together, thereby hopefully with a stronger sense of purpose in their new lives. Our weekly workshop runs on Saturdays at 56 dean Street and G-A-Y Pub in London Soho, West End