Situation Analysis

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Initially, most of LGBTI asylum seekers were from Africa. For some reason, the LGBTI from African countries became popular. There was a myth generally held by the indigenous Africans. Especially politicians, Religious and traditional leaders that there were no homosexuals in Africa and that homosexuality were un-African. Consequently, they concluded that the so-called African LGBTI’s were no genuine, that they were copy-cats of Western civilisation.
The proponents of this beliefs likened LGBTI’s to animals, they believed that such behaviours was animalistic. And that is why, in some countries, the issue has become so serious that it has attracted the involvement of governments that have applied the full force of the laws to fight it in countries like Uganda, Gambia, Senegal and Nigeria where government leaders have signed anti-gay bills into law and enacted them to fight homosexuality, with heavy sentences of death or life imprisonment awaiting those found guilty of the crime.
Homosexuals are treated are treated in a way that erodes confidence and instils fear into their hearts to the extent that they feel timid identifying who they are – they feel ashamed of themselves and prefer to remain under group. For this reason, the organisation had to take a step forward to make sure they help to integrate the African LGBTI’s into the foreign communities, by taking them out into clubs where they would meet and interact with people of their kind, discover themselves, understand themselves, develop confidence, learn to be proud of who they are and conceive a wonderful realisation of who they are hence  should enjoy love without fear.