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Out & Proud African LGBTI

The Black LGBTQ Power 100 Of 2015: Presented By The G-List Society:

Postion 48; Out And Proud Diamond Group (first-time Black LGBTQ Power 100 honoree)

Black LGBTQ organisation; The Out And Proud Diamond Group is an international advocacy and empowerment group for LGBTQ people of African descent living in Europe. Their leading campaign to challenge homophobia, with representation in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, has been noticed and awarded around the world throughout 2015. Through speaking engagements, community protests and empowering events, the Diamond Group advocates for African LGBTQ people who seek asylum, equality in health care and provision of safe spaces.

It is time to celebrate and salute the platforms and influence of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer notables who impacted communities, culture and conversations throughout 2015.

The Black LGBTQ Power 100 in 2015 list is my annual recognition of Black LGBTQ personalities, leaders, establishments and icons whose activities were largely noticeable by the public. This annual list is my proudest achievement as a writer because this event marks my fourth consecutive year honoring a community I am most passionate about – who is often overlooked and minimized by society at-large, the Black LGBTQ community.

Carrying the annual tradition since 2012, the Black LGBTQ Power 100 list ranks the impact, influence and intrigue that the platforms of notable Black LGBTQ personalities and organizations have on communities locally, regionally and globally. The Black LGBTQ Power 100 list considers the current movements of individuals and organizations rather than the legacies, celebrity statuses and social media popularities. This list equally tributes the triumphant leaders and controversial voices, the living and the dearly departed and the newly invigorating heroes and deeply-loved nostalgia.

Factors heavily considered for the Black LGBT Power 100 in 2015 list include:

2015 accomplishments
LGBTQ and mainstream media impressions
cultural impact on mainstream society
social impact on Black and mainstream LGBTQ communities independently
influence on Black and mainstream LGBTQ communities independently
diversity of constituency
social media impact
Every year the criteria becomes more stringent as past Black LGBTQ Power 100 honorees must possess an increase in platform to appear consecutively on future lists. Thus, newer names have greater chances to appear on this list.

2015 continues the rise in diverse Black LGBTQ voices being well-known within the community and society at-large. Such accomplishment allowed Black LGBTQ voices to be prominent in more than entertainment, fashion, media, LGBT activism and politics, which are forums we often see well-known Black LGBTQ names.

This year saw Black LGBTQ voices take leadership positions to greater levels in business, philanthropy, social activism and technology. Black LGBTQ notables took over media outlets as becoming the firsts, the biggest success stories, the most intriguing and the surprising triumphs throughout 2015.

2015 trumped 2014 as the greatest year ever for the Black LGBTQ voice, and that deserves celebration.

With representation from North America, Africa and Europe, I am proud to introduce and re-introduce you to these amazing Black LGBTQ notables who make up the Black LGBTQ Power 100 In 2015. (By the way, this list includes four notables who have not publicly identified as LGBTQ but have some renown association to LGBTQ people and culture.)

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