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O.P.D.G. Has Changed My LIfe!


Thanks to O.P.D.G., I have the confidence to carry on as normal and get respected in society in my day to day life. At first I was apprehensive that others would discriminate and persecute for my Sexuality. From an ethnic minority background, this was the general perception among most. I have been fortunate in finding

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My life

Joseph Atukunda

I joined Out & Proud Diamond Group after a period of trying times in my private life as a gay man. At the time I was emotionally traumatized and my self esteem so low that I needed support and advise. Having interacted with the Group’s leadership, I felt so welcomed and respected for who I

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DAVID KALU (Nigeria)

OUT AND PROUD DIAMOND is an organisation that support all the LGBTI person globally. They have help me in different ways e.g. organising a workshop for HIV in which i participated to know my HIV status ,mental health workshop , to believe in myself for who i am and to socialise with people in the

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One Of the Best Meetings SLG has Ever had.

Terence Murphy (England)

Thanks to you and your colleagues for speaking at our meeting last Tuesday – especially at such short notice. In my opinion it was one on the best meetings that SLG has ever had. We gained a much closer insight into the terrible problems faced by LGBT people in Uganda ( and also problems in

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