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We are a small grass-roots Group relying on a community of enthusiastic volunteers. These contribute hugely to the OPAL community, and we are very grateful for their support.

Our volunteers

We are very grateful for the support of the following volunteers:
· Steve Peck
· Resty Atuhaire (Photographer)
· Yayaha Kagga (Chef)
· Ewen Mc Millan
· Mable Naluwooza (D.J)
· Barry Kaiza (Website)
· Jacob Joyce (Poem/fundraising)
· Roger Roger (Netherlands Matters)
· Aisha (France Matters)
· Asuman Kabugo (Website design)
· Laticia Nankabirwa (Chef)

A big thanks to Steve Peck and Ewen Mc Millan who offer a range of work and to all our Accompanying Volunteers who support members during appointments which may be challenging and difficult, such as signing at the Home Office attending Immigration tribunals or meeting new hosts.

Becoming a Volunteer.

OPAL is run entirely by volunteers. Would you like to roll up your sleeves and join us? Would you be able to present information at schools, guide members’ groups or work with LGBTI newcomers? All of our working groups are regularly looking for volunteers, both for coordination and ‘fieldwork’.

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