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What We Do
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LGBT people are discriminated against and excluded in large parts of the world. There are countries where they can be imprisoned or even sentenced to death because of their orientation. Fleeing is often the only option. They leave their family and friends behind for an uncertain future in a foreign country. As in their home country, their sexual orientation and/or gender identity is often not accepted by their immediate environment and other refugees. This can lead to severe threats, social isolation, anxiety, depression or worse.


What we do:


Our Asylum working group takes migrants out of this social isolation and introduces them to OPAL (LGBT) society by organising meetings and activities, where they can get to know each other.


NB: The coordinators of the working group do not interfere in the asylum procedure and do not provide medical help. If necessary, we refer newcomers to legal advisors and medical professionals.


Please note: OPAL cannot offer legal, medical, mental or financial help (apart from sustenance and transport). If more help is needed, we will refer to other organisations.


We hold our Asylum Legal support meeting every last Saturdays of the Month at 56 Dean Street London West End (SOHO).


Do you want to participate in our activities, do you have a question, or do you want to become a volunteer? Please contact us at


In short, this is what we do:

Our workgroup helps these LGBT migrants to break the cycle of isolation. If they have not applied for asylum, we refer them to lawyers who make asylum application/call the Immigration for them. We also introduce them to the OPAL (LGBT) society by organising meetings and other activities where they can get to know each other and the (LGBT) culture.