LGBT Change Heroes

Fighting for the right to love – your #LGBTChange heroes

Fighting for the right to love – your #LGBTChange heroes
The Guardian UK asked for nominations for LGBT activists who are making positive changes in communities around the world. Meet the inspiring heroes you suggested

The group provides enormous personal support to its members seeking asylum in the UK. It helps those who have been detained receive legal advice and support to survive the process. I know from personal experience how important the group continues to be to those who have been granted asylum. In some cases it is literally life-saving. Living as a refugee in the UK can be a lonely and isolating experience. Through regular events, the group provides a lifeline to many.
As well as supporting LGBTI people seeking asylum the group campaigns tirelessly against the persecution of LGBTI people in their home countries.
The word ‘hero’ is often overused but not in the case of Abbey and the OPDG. Most of the group have no or extremely limited finances, yet day in and day out they continue to work for LGBTI rights and to help and support asylum seekers and refugee members.

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